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Pennant Energy Inc.
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Pennant Energy Inc. is pleased to provide the following video that effectively illustrates how the Company plans on using recently developed technology, Mulit-stage horizontal Drilling and Fracturing, to re-enter a previously drilled reservoir called the Montney Formation. Our Bigstone Project is comprised of 7 sections of contiguous land that has been drilled into 4 times many years ago, which discovered oil and gas. Unfortunately for the companies that drilled those wells the oil and gas would not flow up to the surface and the wells were all abandoned. When looking for oil and gas you are not looking for "Pools, rivers or pockets" of oil and gas but rather rock formation that hosts the oil and gas, think of a piece of coral or an Aero chocolate bar that has little air pockets, called "porosity." The connecting of those little pockets "permeability" allows the oil and gas to flow. The Montney formation here has porosity and hosts large reservoirs of oil and gas but extremely poor permeability so when the wells were drilled in the past the companies could not get the wells to flow. As these wells have already been drilled and show oil and gas a lot of the risk has been removed. It is not a matter of "lets drill and see if we find oil and gas" but rather, lets use new technology to bring a reservoir that some else already discovered for us, and put it into production. The video will show you how we can enter the Montney formation and "Man make permeability" that should get the oil and gas to flow, just like our neighbours have been so successfully doing.

Horizontal drilling and multi-stage fracture completion